wissta shahd

Our story began in 1969 when our forefathers started to implant and harvest pistachio from owned orchards in south east of Iran. Planting to harvest was in accordance to trial and error in that time while ancestors were the very first entrepreneur in agriculture fields. But, the whole family business grows very fast due to intellectual efforts and high level of commitment in that generation. Starting to grow pistachio in different parts of the country, from southern feasible areas like Bam, to northern possible points alike Khorasan are clear evidence of efforts, motivation and diligence of this family. Today, agriculture is handling by new generations holding highest academic degrees and not only limited to pistachio but also to fresh fruits both in lands and greenhouses in more than 10 privileged points of Iran. Our Business The scope of agricultural wise business passed borders and extents to fair-trading of processed fruits, nuts, natural edible and cosmetic oils and herbs. Although started in 2012, through tremendous hard work, exceptional skill and dedication, over the past 7 years prestigious awards have received, from Top Entrepreneur Company which have received annually to Top Exporter 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Manufacturer of nuts

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Manufacturer of dried fruits

The fruit, whether fresh or dried, is good for you and has benefits. Normally dried fruit can be a good snack to ward off hunger and can be stored for a long time and therefore can be a good substitute for fresh fruit outside of its season.

Manufacturer of edible oils

and cosmetic oils

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